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Rural Water Supply Department was formulated during the year 1997 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh creating separate divisions of Rural Water Supply since a number of villages are still to be provided with quality drinking water

In exercise of powers conferred by article 309 of the Constitution of India, Government further decided to bifurcate PR & RD Department into Panchayati Raj and Rural Water Supply Departments. Accordingly Panchayat Raj Rural development Engineering service gets bifurcated into Panchayat Raj Engineering service and Rural water Supply Engineering Service during the Year 2007 and deemed to have been created with effect from 1.4.2008 .

It functions directly under the Ministry of Rural water Supply with Principal Secretary to Government (RWS) as its administrative head and Engineer-in-Chief as its technical head. 

The Drinking Water Supply is a very important issue as over 80% of health problems are due to consumption of unsafe water and increasing health awareness among the rural public, underlines the additional attention to be paid to the subject. Hence, one of the most important programs of the Government is the provision of safe drinking water to the rural population.
Administrative Setup
The organization has established the following offices across the State in order to accomplish the organizational objectives.
Head office @ State Level (Engineer-in-Chief/Chief Engineer)
Circle office @ District Level(Superintending Engineer)
Division Office @ Division Level (Executive Engineer)
Sub-Division Office @ Mandal Level (3 to 4) (Deputy Executive Engineer)
Section Office @ Mandal Level (Assistant Executive Engineer/Asst. Engineer)
RWS&S has head office @ State level headed by Engineer-in-Chief (RWS&S). Chief Engineer is the in-charge of one Program at State level who reports to Engineer-in-Chief

Based on the above lines, offices were established at various levels in the organization for execution and maintenance of works and its details are as follows:
Head office/Chief Engineer offices @ Sate level - 1 No.
       Chief Engineer office @ Sate level - 2 No.
       Circle offices @ District level - 22 Nos.
       Division offices @ Division level - 52 Nos.
# (47 RWS + 5 Projects)    
        Sub-divisional offices @ Mandal level - 315 Nos.
Geological Wing
Executive Director
He is overall in charge of Geological Wing of the Department which mainly covers Ground Water Survey and selection of points / sources for RWS works.
Joint Director (Geology)
He is overall in charge of Geological Wing of the Department which mainly covers Ground Water Survey and selection of points / sources for RWS works.
Senior Geologists
There are (6) Senior Geologists working at a rate of one for each zone to over see the selection of sources and are attached to circle offices.
Junior Geologists
There are (41) Junior Geologists in the department for Ground Water Survey and selection of sources for Water Supply Schemes.
Water Testing Laboratories
In order to test water samples both chemically and bacteria logically, water testing laboratories (51 Nos) are established in each division office.
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