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Andhra Pradesh Rural Water Supply &Sanitation Project (APRWSSP)
Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) , Government of India (GOI) by its letter of Dec' 26 th ,2005 has requested World Bank assistance to support Rural Water Supply (RWS) Programs of 4 additional states (Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan).
As part of formulation of APRWSS Project with World Bank assistance Project 19 Preparatory and consultancy studies are taken up. The draft final reports duly incorporating comments during pre-appraisal mission are prepared and sent to World Bank.
The Project Implementation Plan (PIP) is prepared for the Project with total outlay of Rs . 1326 Crores out of which Rs. 1061 crores is sought as assistance from World Bank and balance financing support by the GoAP and local communities towards the WB Project.
The Project contains broadly three components as follows:
Component A: Sector Development : This component will support the sector reform process by enhancing institutional capacity at all levels to implement and manage the sector program and the transformation of government's role from service provider to facilitator.

Component B: Infrastructure Development: This component will finance the infrastructure investments required to improve access to water supply and sanitation services to the rural communities. The water supply investments(SVS and MVS) would support building or rehabilitating facilities, integrated with source strengthening measures, health and hygiene awareness promotion, incentives for construction and use of individual household latrines, solid waste management and safe disposal of waste water.

Component C: Project Management:This component includes Institutional cost and the cost of Project Management Unit.
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